UTES 10th anniversary celebrated

August 27, 2013

The 10th anniversary celebration of the University of Texas Elementary School was commemorated on Aug. 21 with cake, streamers and the poignant essays of UTES contest winners. YNN Austin even came out to document the joyous occasion.


Students celebrating at UTES 10th Anniversary Celebration

Students celebrating at UTES 10th Anniversary celebration


Two of the of the alumni essay contest winners, Fabiola Falcon and Erik Torres, spoke to the audience at the event about how attending UTES changed their lives.

Fabiola Falcon, Essay Contest Winner

Fabiola Falcon, Essay Contest winner


“UT has encouraged me to be part of the activities at school and in my community,” Falcon said. “No matter from where I was born or my family economic situation. They also made me think and still keep me thinking about what I want to do in life, as well as how I want to change my community into a better community, one that not just accepts certain people with high education levels or a social group. A community that will accept you because they care and appreciate your hard work that you put into that community.”

Essay Contest winner and UTES alum Erik Torres

Essay Contest winner and UTES alum Erik Torres


“Because of the help that I received at UTES,  my life changed,” Erik Torres said. “I became, and still am, a successful, hard-working student. I like school and I am now learning. As a matter of fact, all of my classes are AP courses. I would like to thank Mrs. Ledbetter, Ms. Raffones, and all of the other teachers that have helped me in school and changed the way I view school.  I want to thank them for being there to help me and support me.  To this day all of those teachers still support me. That’s how UTES changed my life.”

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