DDCE in the News

September 23, 2013

The Division of Diversity and Community Engagement has been in the news quite a bit the past couple of months. Here are links to some stories you don’t want to miss:

Construction Booming in Texas, but Workers Pay Dearly¬† was an NPR story about the Workers Defense Project, one of DDCE’s community partners and one of DDCE’s incubator projects several years ago.

US Explores How to Increase Diversity Without Prejudice was published recently in the UK’s Times Higher Education magazine. It includes comments from Dr. Rick Cherwitz, founder and director of the Intellectual Entrepreneurship Consortium, and discusses the IE programs as a way to increase diversity.

UT Deaf and Hard of Hearing Students Work to Build Support Network covered an event organized by student Duggan Baker and sponsored by DDCE.

Google Investing in Future Tech Jobs highlighted Google grants given to UT Elementary School and was produced by KXAN.

Fair Encourages Students to Volunteer was a Daily Texan article that covered the Longhorn Center for Civic Engagement’s volunteer fair that connects students with nonprofit organizations.

Monday Q&A: Dr. Gregory Vincent, Vice President for Diversity and Community Engagement was the Daily Texan’s first Q&A this semester with university administrators.




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