DDCE Staff Profile: Brian English, UT Outreach – Dallas

September 23, 2013

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Brian English felt as if he had “made it” while working in 7-Eleven’s corporate office in downtown Dallas. He had started working for the company in the payroll tax department right after college. He was promoted and trained to become a field  consultant/district manager for stores in Los Angeles. But said Brian, “Suddenly, cookie sales and inventory were of extremely less relevance.  It somehow occurred to me that there were young, disadvantaged people from low socio-economic communities who needed advising, encouragement, hope, and education.” He became a higher education advisor for Education is Freedom (EIF), a Dallas nonprofit with a mission of preparing inner city high school students for college. In fact, EIF partnered with UT Outreach-Dallas on the Longhorn Pre-College Academy (LCPA).

“Working in the field of education was extraordinarily fulfilling,” he said.  “Having the opportunity to be a liaison between a student and their dreams gave me the impression that I was fulfilling my duty of contributing to the community.”  From EIF, Brian joined the staff of UT Outreach – Dallas in April 2012 as assistant director, then became director in September 2013. Along the way he married his wife Ashley.

As true with the other UT Outreach Centers, the Dallas team works to increase the number of underserved students in college and help students prepare for the transition between high school and college. “We also want to serve as trustworthy advisors during this crucial time in their lives,” said Brian.

Brian loves working with the high school students and especially enjoys conducting the LPCA Mentor Luncheons for the juniors in the program. “We have a chance to bring in mentors, who are graduates of UT, to sit and talk with students during their lunch time,” explained English.  “Students get to hear a variety of advice and experiences from these mentors, which can be immensely engaging. Plus we get to eat some great food.”

Brian holds a bachelor’s degree in marketing and an MBA, both from Texas A&M University – Commerce. He is currently working on a doctorate in educational leadership and policy studies at UT Arlington.  In his spare time he enjoys reading the Bible and watching sermons from his favorite pastors. He is also an avid fan of the Dallas Cowboys, which he claims “happens to be the official NFL team of UT Outreach – Dallas.”

This newlywed/grad student/full-time Outreach director is about to get even busier: Brian and Ashley are expecting their first child in March.  Brian said he has never changed a diaper–we have a feeling that is about to change!


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