“Miseducation” Video Focuses on Education in China

October 10, 2013

One of the highlights for students who were part of the DDCE’s China Maymester program last summer was teaching students at the nonprofit Dandelion School in Beijing. The students are all children of migrant workers who move to Beijing to work in factories. The children are not allowed to attend regular Beijing schools because their parents are not registered citizens of Beijing.

So moved was junior Taylor Turner that she produced a video, Miseducation: Beyond the Means of Many, about China’s educational system and also relayed the experiences of Dr. Ge Chen who grew up in China during the Cultural Revolution. Dr. Chen is assistant vice president for academic diversity initiatives and has been an inspiration to many of the students served by the DDCE’s Longhorn Center for Academic Excellence.  The other  commentators in the video were students in the Maymester program.


UT Austin juniors Taylor Turner and Vanilla McIntosh tutor sixth-grade students
at the Dandelion School in Beijing.


Taylor and Ge
 Taylor Turner and Dr. Ge Chen discuss the students at the Dandelion School.

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