UT Regent Steven Hicks on IE

October 24, 2013

Vice Chair of the UT System Board of Regents Steven Hicks recently shared his thoughts on the Intellectual Entrepreneurship program:

hicksAs a member of the UT Board of Regents overseeing 15 campuses, and
someone genuinely interested in constructive innovations in higher
education, I am a true fan of UT’s Intellectual Entrepreneurship
Consortium (IE).   For over 15 years, IE has proven that it is possible to
implement significant educational reforms at top-tier universities without
diluting or altering their research mission. In fact, IE has enhanced that
mission by engaging students in research and then helping them leverage
their knowledge for social good.  In the words of its founder and
director, Professor Rick Cherwitz, IE “educates citizen-scholars.” I am
especially impressed with IE’s unique capacity to increase
diversity-especially in an era where race neutral programs may become the
norm-by providing all students with opportunities to discover their
passion and then directly connect their education to personal, career and
professional aspirations.  At a time when parents, legislators, and
governing boards search for ways to create more “bang for the buck” in
higher education, IE is a model worth imitating. It comes as no surprise
to me that so many university chancellors and presidents across the
country enthusiastically endorse IE. To their voices I add my own and
encourage the support of all those desiring our nation’s great
universities to educate more students able to address society’s complex
challenges and meet the country’s workforce needs.”
[R. Steven “Steve” Hicks, Vice Chairman of the University of Texas System
Board of Regents, Chairman of the Academic Affairs Committee,
owner/Executive Chairman of Capstar Partners, LLC., and member of UT’s
McCombs School of Business Hall of Fame]

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