Feminist Action Project Seeks Panel and Workshop Submissions for March Conference

November 26, 2013

PrintThe Feminist Action Project, a two-day conference at the University of Texas at Austin on March 21st-22nd 2014, is seeking panel and workshop submissions.

This year’s title is “Redefining Our Place at the Table: Finding Feminism Through Authentic Conversations.” We hope for this theme to encompass community building and a thorough examination of feminist history.

Our goals for the conference are as follows: including the experiences and perspectives of both students and community members, prioritizing 101-level introductions to theories and movements, highlighting the complexities of identity in relation to the feminist and other activist communities, and putting a special emphasis on language and space.

Submissions should be consistent with the theme and goals. We welcome academically oriented proposals as well as practical and activist ones, but we prefer interactive models such as discussions and skill-building workshops. We are particularly interested in proposals dealing with one or more of the following themes:

Relationships between Movements

  • Confronting –isms and oppression within feminist movements
  • Tensions between women of color movements and ‘mainstream’ feminism
  • Collaboration between feminist generations/waves
  • Trans* and gender identity activism and the LGBT mainstream
  • Disability rights activism and intersectionality
  • Race and economic rights activism (like Occupy Wall Street)

Everyday Activism

  • Negotiating identity
  • Navigating femininity in the workplace
  • “Passing” in relation to gender identity
  • Online Activism
  • Facebook and Twitter activism
  • #SolidarityIsForWhiteWomen, #FeminismIsForWhiteWomen
  • Activist self-care
  • Language
  • Inherently patriarchal language
  • Appropriative or pejorative language
  • Ableism (visible and invisible disabilities)
  • People-first language
  • Heteronormative language
  • Trigger Warnings

101-Level Introductions

  • Privilege and power
  • Sexism
  • Racism
  • Classism
  • Ableism
  • Sexual & gender identities
  • Body acceptance activism
  • Indigenous rights movements
  • Intros to feminist histories and authors, etc.

Please include in your submission:

  • Title of panel, workshop, or presentation
  • Brief description, no more than 300 words
  • Description of AV and space requirements
  • Past experiences presenting and references, if applicable
  • Your name and contact information (phone and e-mail preferred)

The deadline for submissions is February 14, 2014. Please submit all documents via email to feministactionproject@gmail.com, with “Attn: Programming Committee” in the subject line. You can send the submission as a Microsoft Word file, .pdf, or text file.

If postal mail works better for you, please send it to: Feminist Action Project, c/o Gender and Sexuality Center, 1 University Station, A4400, Austin, TX, 78712.

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