IE Citizen Scholars Announce Leadership Team 2014-15

July 5, 2014

The 2014-2015 leadership team for the Intellectual Entreprenuership Citizen Scholars organization is Ignacio Cruz, Reema Ali, and Jonathan Cortez.

Senior Ignacio Cruz will serve as the 2014-2015 Intellectual Entrepreneurship (IE) Citizen Scholars president. Ignacio will continue the work of Jelisa Robinson, Paulina Sosa, Oscar Ayala, and Sarah Kettles, past presidents of IE Citizen Scholars.

Ignacio Cruz

IE Citizen Scholar President

Ignacio is a corporate communication studies major. As a past member of IE Citizen Scholars, Ignacio is excited to lead the organization into its next phase. As an avid undergraduate researcher, IE has impacted Ignacio’s experience as a students. Cruz says, “Being a part of IE really helped me find my niche in research by connecting me with my faculty mentor, Dr. Keri K. Stephens and helping me start my own projects. I want to be able to help other students find their own path.” Ignacio is also a Ronald E. McNair Scholar with hopes of pursuing a doctorate degree in organizational communication.

Reema Ali

IE Citizen Scholars Vice President Reema Ali

Senior Reema Ali will serve as the 2014-2015 IE Citizen Scholars vice president. Ali is a history major in the College of Liberal Arts. Also as a formal member of IE Citizen Scholars, Ali is excited to bring IE’s message to other students at UT and help IE interns find their path during their time at UT. Upon graduation in 2015, she plans to purshue law school.

Jonathan Cortez

IE Citizen Scholars Director of Academics Jonathan Cortez

Senior Jonathan Cortez will serve as the 2014-2015 IE Citizen Scholars director of academics. Cortez is a sociology and Mexican-American studies major. Jonathan brings a wealth of experience in undergraduate research to IE Citizen Scholars—he serves as the current editor-in-chief of Sociological Insight. As a Ronald E. McNair Scholar, Cortez hopes to pursue a doctoral degree in American studies upon graduation in 2015.

To learn more about the IE Citizen Scholars, see video. The Intellectual Entrepreneurship Consortium and its initiatives, like Citizen Scholars, are part of the Division of Diversity and Community Engagement.

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