Bridging the Gap from High School to College with Chemistry

Founded in 2003, ChemBridge is a collaboration between The University of Texas at Austin’s Department of Chemistry, UT’s Division of Diversity and Community Engagement, and public high schools across Texas.

The goal of the ChemBridge program is to improve scientific and critical thinking among high school students working to enter college. ChemBridge partners a chemistry professor at UT with high school students and teachers from underrepresented high schools across Texas. ChemBridge connects high school students to an academic community of collegiate scientists and researchers. ChemBridge currently serves approximately 300 students in the state of Texas.

Program Highlights

  • A full-year dual credit opportunity providing both academic preparation and college literacy using a curriculum developed by experts in their field designed to mirror what happens on campus in pacing, depth, rigor, and expectations. • Students receive 3 credit hours for CH304K in the fall, and 3 credit hours for CH305 in the spring, for a total of six credit hours of Chemistry in Context upon successful completion of the courses.
  • Teachers participate in extensive professional development to implement the college-level curriculum as the central focus of their classes. They receive ongoing support from ChemBridge staff.
  • Students in ChemBridge learn to balance chemical equations, assign oxidation states, interpret a periodic table, identify the chemistry in their everyday lives, and think like a chemist. They participate in classroom lessons and activities to reinforce these concepts.
  • ChemBridge classes come to UT-Austin for a guided visit. While on campus, students observe a chemistry course, interact with their ChemBridge professor, take tours, engage with undergraduates, and partake in events intended to acculturate them into a college community.