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Interested in Joining ChemBridge?

student_exp2Are you interested in adding the ChemBridge Program at your campus? This page gives an overview of the requirements for schools to participate. We also outline recommended qualities for teachers and students. For enrollment inquiries, please contact:

Dr. Eric Dieter


Prospective ChemBridge Schools

A. For administrators

Cost savings for taking class. Tuition dollars and sense

Apply to this program: 2015-2016 UT-Austin Dual Credit Participation Letter

Students can claim their transcripts via Requesting UT Transcripts

Opportunities for teachers to attend the professional development workshop during summer and winter break.

B. For Parents/Students

Why should a student take this course?

  • To get familiar with introductory chemistry at college level and to experience college coursework.
  • ChemBridge—transition from high school level to college level—high school students receive college education through online lectures from a UT professor, at the same time, they still gain assistance from their teachers.

What are other benefits?

  • Students get college credit hours while they are still in high school. See the cost savings.

Students get a sneak peak at college via the high school visitation to UT Austin. ChemBridge sample agenda