Spurs StudentsStudents Partnering for Undergraduate Rhetoric Success (SPURS) is a web-based, dual-credit program that allows high school juniors and seniors to earn 3 hours of college rhetoric and writing credit upon successful completion of the course. With curriculum designed by UT faculty, the college coursework is facilitated by an English teacher on each participating high school campus.

Concurrently, students earn two semesters of high school credit for an English Language Arts elective course. High school students will receive instruction in writing and critical thinking to prepare them for college-level writing. Skills in communication and analysis are crucial for students in the workplace and in their contributions as responsible citizens.

The curriculum is designed also to provide students with enhanced instruction and practice in the kinds of writing on which some standardized tests are based. Additionally, the program affords participating high school students the opportunity to collaborate online and in person with University Instructors, thereby further acquainting them with college culture and the expectations they will meet to achieve academic success.