Government + Law

Jason M. Brownlee
Government and Middle Eastern Studies

Sally H. Clarke
History, Gender Equity

Edwin Dorn
Public Affairs

Karen Engle
Rapoport Center for Human Rights and Justice
International humanitarian law; feminist legal theory; international human rights law; Latin-American law

William Forbath
Constitutional Law, Legal History

Stephanie Frogge
Current projects include restorative justice issues in criminal cases, particularly Defense-Initiated Victim Outreach (DIVO); the nexus between after-death communication and survivor coping following the death of a loved one; bridging the research-to-practice gap in the field of victim services

Terri Givens
Politics of immigration in Europe and the U.S.;  immigration policy, anti-immigrant Radical Right parties and antidiscrimination policy in Europe; developing immigrant and ethnic minority political involvement in the U.S. and Europe

Eden Harrington
Public service and experiential learning, with an emphasis on professionalism and ethics in the legal profession

Juliet Hooker
Previous research focused on racial justice and multiculturalism in Latin America, especially indigenous and Afro-descendant struggles for rights; current research focuses on how to formulate anti-racist politics within ostensibly post-racial or color-blind political communities, by comparing U.S. African American and Latin American political thinkers from the 19th and 20th centuries

Ramey Ko
Immigration law and reform; Mental health awareness and advocacy at the local, state, and national level, particularly within underserved communities; Coalition building between minority and marginalized communities; Voting rights and civic participation; Political activism with a focus on progressive and social justice issues and candidates; Domestic violence, sexual assault; Promoting equal access to resources and services for marginalized, Limited English Proficient, or underserved communities

Stephen H. Marshall
Race and Social Justice

Eric L. McDaniel
The role of religion in shaping political attitudes, with an emphasis on the role of the Social Gospel in promoting support for progressive issues; examining trends in health disparities to understand how economic and political shifts can explain the expansion and shrinkage of disparities

Mary Rose
Sociology, Law

Gerald Torres
Water law and water related issues; federal Indian law and critical race studies; the relationship between social movements and durable legal change