Planning + Development

Terrence T. Allen
Intersection between the child welfare, juvenile justice, education and mental health systems; the interaction between police and juveniles in urban communities; urban neighborhood development and community based program development and evaluation

Elizabeth Danze
Architecture, Affordable Housing, Education

Talia McCray
Transportation Policy and Planning, Healthcare Access

Bryan Roberts
Self-Sustaining Community Development and Urbanization in Latin America, US-Mexico Relations

Bjorn Sletto
Action research with community organizations in the informal settlement of Los Platanitos in Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic to address social and environmental problems in the community; participatory mapping with indigenous people in Venezuela in support of land rights struggle; and participatory mapping initiatives within the Teresa Lozano Long Institute of Latin American Studies

Rebecca Torres
Gender and Activism, Poverty and Development

Patricia Wilson
Civic Engagement and Dialogue, Participatory Planning; International Development; Community Development; Sustainable Social Development; Mexico, Peru, and Chile