Race + Ethnic Studies

Omoniyi Afolabi
Afro-Latin Afro-Brazilian, and African Studies, Spanish and Portuguese Studies, Yoruba & African Diaspora Studies

Ronald Angel
Medical Sociology, Social Welfare, Poverty and Minorities, Demography and Epidemiology, Research Methods and Statistics

Arturo Arias
Contemporary indigenous literature; complexities of indigenous identity; the effort to articulate alternative modernities emerging from indigenous ontologies; ways to bridge Latin American indigenous novelistic production emerging from within their own communal entities, traditions and knowledge production with Western cultural critical thinking.

Jossianna Arroyo-Martinez
Diasporic Literatures & Cultures; Race, Gender & Sexuality in Colonial & Postcolonial Societies

Cecilia Balli
US-Mexico Borderlands

Simone A. Browne
Race, surveillance and digital humanities; surveillance with a focus on slavery, biometric information technology, airports, borders, and creative texts

Luis Carcamo-Huechante
Indigenous Studies, Literary and Cultural Economies, Gender and Sexualities, Cultural Theory

Ben Carrington
Cultural Sociology; Sociology of Race; Sociology of Sport and Popular Culture; Masculinity and Gender; Cultural Studies; Post/colonial Theory; Qualitative Methodology

Yessenia Castro
Development, evaluation, and dissemination of interventions for health risk behaviors; effects of cultural factors, gender, and race/ethnicity on health behavior; Latino health; psychometrics

Mounira Charrad
Colonialism, post colonial states, women’s rights, cultural politics and the Middle East/North Africa; gender politics in the Arab spring with a focus on Tunisia, and especially on the discourse of secularist women’s rights advocates in the new political context of Islamist power in government

Matt Cohen
Cultural history of race and ethnicity in colonial North America; cultural philology of utopian visions of cross-cultural connection; and histories of communication systems in the indigenous Americas

Joao Costa Vargas
Race, Politics, and Social Inequality

Jim Cox
American Indian authors and trans-Indigenous politics; American Indian literature and the political views in American Indian writing

Catherine Cubbin
Socioeconomic Inequalities, Racial/Ethnic Inequalities, Health Justice

Hector Dominguez-Ruvalcaba
Queer Studies, Studies of Violence, Border Studies in Literature, Film, and the Arts

Kevin Foster
African African American, and African Diaspora Studies, Education, Administration, Anthropology

Dorie Gilbert
Social Stigma & Race, HIV/AIDS & Race

Gloria González-López
Incest and sexual violence in Mexican families; work based on in-depth individual interviews with women and men with histories of incestuous relationships and who live in four large urban centers, which include Ciudad Juárez, Guadalajara, Mexico City and Monterrey

Edmund Gordon
Ethnicity and Social Stratification

Laurie B. Green
Politics of race, gender, health, medicine, mass culture, and social movements in the 20th century

Frank A. Guridy
Caribbean Studies, Social Text, and Cuban Studies. Recent publications: Forging Diaspora: Afro-Cubans and African-Americans in a World of Empire and Jim Crow, and Beyond el Barrio: Everyday Life in Latina/o America

Charles Hale
Race/Ethnicity, Identity Politics, Consciousness and Resistance, Activist Anthropology

Barbara J. Harlow
Undergraduate courses in human rights and social justice, graduate seminars on various topics related to literature and human rights

Mark D. Hayward
Life Course Origins of Health Disparities, Morbidity and Mortality

Juliet Hooker
Previous research focused on racial justice and multiculturalism in Latin America, especially indigenous and Afro-descendant struggles for rights; current research focuses on how to formulate anti-racist politics within ostensibly post-racial or color-blind political communities, by comparing U.S. African American and Latin American political thinkers from the 19th and 20th centuries

Kristine Hopkins
Reproductive Health Issues in Latin America, the US-Mexico Border

Madeline Y. Hsu
Foreign relations and economic development agendas & American immigration policies and practices; evolution of immigration controls

Joy James
Race Theory, Incarceration

Robert Jensen
Consequences of concentrated power, from the most intimate spaces to the global, focusing on the pathology of privilege; racial and economic injustice in the context of the ecological crisis

Omi Oshun Joni Jones
Associate Professor of Theatre and Dance and of African and African Diaspora Studies

William R. Kelly
Criminology and Criminal Justice Research

Su Yeong Kim
Mexican immigrant families, particularly how children who translate between English and Spanish for their parents who do not speak English, and how this practice affects children’s developmental outcomes

David Kirk
Sociology, Population Research

Madhavi Mallapragada
New Media Studies, Asian American Studies and Transnational Cultural Studies

Stephen H. Marshall
Race and Social Justice

Anne M. Martínez
Role of religion in interactions between the United States and Mexico during and immediately after the Mexican Revolution, as well as Mexican migration to the Midwest during that time period; the relationships among race, religion and nationalism for Mexicans in both the United States and Mexico; comprehensives histories of the United States, with an attention to race, ethnicity, gender and social justice

Martha Menchaca
Immigration history and policy; school segregation; the U.S.-Mexico border; U.S. electoral politics; anthropology and law

Sofian Merabet
Modern Middle East (with a focus on Lebanon and Syria) and the wider Muslim world, including Muslim immigrant communities in Europe and the Arab Diaspora in South America (especially Argentina); Socio-Cultural Theory/Psychoanalysis/Urban Studies/Gender Studies/Queer Theory/Muslim World, Europe, South America

Leonard N. Moore
Modern African American History; Black Urban History; Intersection of Race, Sports, and Hip-hop

Robin Moore
Social or political concerns and how they are expressed through song or musical movements in Latin America, particularly in Cuba and the Spanish-speaking Caribbean, but also in Mexico and elsewhere; broad political song movements often supported by left-leaning governments, such as nueva trova and nueva canción

Moyosore Benjamin Okediji
Department of Art and Art History, College of Fine Arts Department of African and African Diaspora Studies, College of Liberal Arts Center for African and African American Studies, College of Liberal Arts

Naomi Paik
Asian American and comparative ethnic studies; U.S. imperialism; social and cultural approaches to legal studies; transnational and women of color feminisms; carceral spaces; and labor, race, and migration

Deborah Paredez
Writing Workshops for Youth, Poetry, Race and Creative Arts

Tasha Philpot
African American Politics

Eric Darnell Pritchard
Literacy, Cultural Rhetoric, Qualitative Research Methods, Community-based Writing, Critical Pedagogy, African-American and LGBTQ literature, Queer of Color theory, Black Feminist theory, Masculinity, Hip hop, Rhetoric of Madness

Matt Richardson
Sexuality and Social Policy

Néstor P. Rodríguez
Guatemalan Migration, U.S. deportations, the Unauthorized Migration of Unaccompanied Minors, Evolving Relations between Latinos and African Americans/Asian Americans, and Ethical and Human Rights issues of Border Enforcement

Michele Rountree
Health disparities as it relates to meeting the needs of marginalized populations; study of the socio-political determinants of health; impact of structural, program characteristics and client attributes in shaping the efficacy and utilization of services; and the development and testing of the efficacy of prevention interventions

Loriene Roy
Discussions and positions on access to traditional cultural knowledge; promotion of reading and literacy in tribal communities; awareness of the presence of love & forgiveness in global communities

Sharmila Rudrappa
Specializes in Gender and Immigration issues, wrote Ethnography of a Shelter for Battered South Asian American Women, and a Cultural Organization in Chicago

Snehal Shingavi
Indian and Pakistani literatures in English, Hindi, and Urdu in the modern period; social justice, anti-racism (especially Islamophobia), and opposition to the project of empire

Cherise Smith
Relationship of race, gender, and ethnicity to visual art; current research focuses on racial and ethnic trauma as explored in the work of contemporary African American artists

Christen Smith
Black Activism, Grassroots Activism in Brazil and the Americas

Shannon Speed
Gender, Human Rights and Social Justice

Pauline Strong
Construction of gendered and racialized cultural citizenship in US youth organizations; historical and contemporary representations and self-representations of Native Americans US culture

Circe Sturm
Native North America, Intersections of race, nationalism and culture as expressed through the idioms of “blood” and “citizenship;” comparative colonialisms, including the racial dimensions of settler colonialism; indigenous sovereignty and governance; race and citizenship; the Black Indian experience

Eric Tang
Urban social movements; African Americans, immigrants and refugees;  Racial Segregation in Austin

Gerald Torres
Water law and water related issues; federal Indian law and critical race studies; the relationship between social movements and durable legal change

Jennifer Wilks
Contemporary African American and African diasporic fiction; questions of postracial societies and postblack identities in the 21st century; transpositions of canonical Western texts to African diasporic settings

Christine Williams
Gender, race, and class inequality in the workplace; women scientists in the oil and gas industry

Michael P. Young
Courses: Social Movements Social Theory