Women’s + Gender Studies

Arturo Arias
Contemporary indigenous literature; bridging Latin American indigenous novelistic production with Western cultural critical thinking

Jossianna Arroyo-Martinez
Diasporic Literatures & Cultures; Race, Gender & Sexuality in Colonial & Postcolonial Societies.

Noël Busch-Armendariz
Violence against women and children; social and public policy; social justice; international social work education, training and practice; and adoption and child welfare issues

Ruramisai Charumbira
Pre-1800 history of (Southern) Africa, Africa’s colonial histories, particularly its impact on women’s lives; comparative women’s and gender history; historical memory; ethno-archaeology; and Africa’s 20th century intellectual life.

Evelyn Clingerman
Health Promotion in Under-Served Populations, Women’s and Gender Studies

Janet M. Davis
Social and Cultural History, American Studies, and Women’s and Gender Studies; Specifically, the history of American popular culture, cultural considerations of US foreign relations, and transnational social movements

Gloria González-López
Incest and sexual violence in Mexican families; work based on in-depth individual interviews with women and men with histories of incestuous relationships and who live in four large urban centers, which include Ciudad Juárez, Guadalajara, Mexico City and Monterrey

Barbara J. Harlow
Undergraduate courses in human rights and social justice, graduate seminars on various topics related to literature and human rights

Susan S. Heinzelman
Director for Center for Women’s & Gender Studies; 18-century women’s novels; feminism, law, and literature

Kristen Hogan
Teaching strategies for social justice research skills in library sessions; how feminist, queer, and racial justice literature is made visible or invisible through the structure of research tools and publishing and distribution mechanisms; the histories of feminist bookstores transnationally with a focus on how feminist bookwomen within the U.S. got and kept books in print and changed how people read those books

Omi Oshun Joni Jones
Associate Professor of Theatre and Dance and of African and African Diaspora Studies

Sofian Merabet
Modern Middle East (with a focus on Lebanon and Syria) and the wider Muslim world, including Muslim immigrant communities in Europe and the Arab Diaspora in South America (especially Argentina); Socio-Cultural Theory/Psychoanalysis/Urban Studies/Gender Studies/Queer Theory/Muslim World, Europe, South America

Matt Richardson
Sexuality and Social Policy

Christen Smith
Black Activism, Grassroots Activism in Brazil and the Americas

Shannon Speed
Gender, Human Rights and Social Justice

Pauline Strong
Construction of gendered and racialized cultural citizenship in US youth organizations; historical and contemporary representations and self-representations of Native Americans US culture

Rebecca Torres
Gender and Activism, Poverty and Development

Lynn Westbrook
Personal crises for women (domestic violence and sexual human trafficking) and elder abuse; information issues involved in the patient experiences of cervical and other gynecological cancers

Shane Whalley
Gay, lesbian, bisexual, transgender, queer identities; homophobia and heterosexism; social justice frameworks

Jennifer Wilks
African American Literature, Women’s and Gender Studies