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The 28th Annual Heman Sweatt Symposium on Civil Rights

The Civil Rights Act 50 Years Later: Education and Empowerment

Sweatt v. Painter was the landmark case that ruled in favor of Heman Marion Sweatt, securing his admission as the first African American to the University of Texas at Austin School of Law. That suit paved the way for Brown v. the Board of Education and later for the Civil Rights Act of 1964. It is only fitting that this year’s Sweatt Symposium will focus on the Civil Rights Act and the sweeping changes in education that it brought about.

April 8-10: Civil Rights Summit

As part of the Sweatt Symposium, DDCE is partnering with the LBJ Presidential Library on the Civil Rights Summit.

Civil Rights Summit

Though tickets went quickly, the proceedings will be streamed and broadcast on the Longhorn Network. See the summit site for more information.

Watch live streaming here: